Upper Back Pain Treatment

Our Nashua Chiropractor can Treat and Alleviate Your Upper Back Pain

Nashua chiropractor, Dr. Jerrilyn Sullivan, D.C., believes that natural and holistic healing methods are often just as effective–if not more so–than conventional medicine in the management of many common health conditions, especially upper back pain. At Main Street Wellness & Chiropractic, serving Nashua, Hollis, Brookline, and Pepperell, we provide a variety of chiropractic treatments that can relieve and resolve your upper back pain, with faster and longer-lasting results.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Upper Back Pain Treatment

The spinal adjustment is one of the most powerful and effective tools in the chiropractic tool box. Using hands or a specialized device, our chiropractor can impose gentle yet firm and forces targeted at specific areas in your upper back (also called the thoracic spine). This can help relieve your pain for several reasons.

For one thing, an adjustment can help realign the bones in your spine which may move out of place (“sublux”) due to injury or poor posture.

Additionally, a chiropractic adjustment can also act as “reset button” in your nervous system, reducing the strength of pain signals being sent to your brain and thus giving you soothing relief, even after just one treatment (though it may take several for maximum effect).

Other Chiropractic Services That Can Help You Relieve Your Upper Back Pain

Whether your upper back pain is caused by a joint subluxation, disc hernation, muscle strain, nerve impingement, or something else entirely, our chiropractor can help. Additional services may include:

  • Postural analysis and body mechanics training, to identify and resolve movement patterns elsewhere in the body that may be contributing to your upper back pain
  • Corrective exercises, to maximize the strength and endurance of important stabilizing muscles in your trunk and core
  • Massage therapy, to relieve inflammation, relax muscle spasms, and promote a general sense of well-being

Contact Our Nashua Chiropractor for Upper Back Pain Relief Today

At Main Street Wellness & Chiropractic, our Nashua chiropractor, Dr. Sullivan, wants you to find relief from your upper back pain the natural way! If you’ve been struggling with pain, stiffness, and other problems related to your upper back, then give us a call at (603) 882-5742 to schedule your initial appointment, and be sure to ask about our current special offerings for first-time clients. We’re also proudly serving community members of Hollis, Brookline, and Pepperell, NH–call today!

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