Nutritional Counseling Benefits Your Health

Learn to Eat for Health

“You are what you eat” is more than just an expression. Your body depends on the right balance of essential nutrients to heal itself and perform its countless physical functions. It follows, then, that how you eat has a direct impact on your everyday health and wellness. This is why our team at Main Street Wellness regards nutritional counseling as an important tool for helping our patients look, feel and function better.

Why is it so difficult to eat properly? In today’s busy world, many of us look for the fastest and most convenient meal choices possible — and unfortunately, those choices tend to be unhealthy ones. Many microwaveable and “junk” food items contain high levels of fat, sodium, sugars, preservatives, additives, and other substances in quantities the body cannot process or use properly. At the same time, these foods often fail to provide the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required for good health. Your immune system, metabolism and other systems may function abnormally as a result. Fatty, starchy foods frequently lead to obesity, a known factor in the development of high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, diabetes, liver disease, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, breathing difficulties such as sleep apnea, and even certain forms of cancer.

Main Street Wellness Can Help With Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling can help you avoid or reverse these serious issues. Our chiropractor will evaluate your medical history and dietary habits to determine exactly how your nutrition is affecting your health. We can then educate you on how you can correct nutritional deficiencies and develop a customized nutritional strategy as part of your new healthy lifestyle. You will discover that a low-fat, low-sodium diet rich in fruits, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates helps you ward off illnesses, perform better at work or in sports, control your weight, and look and feel years younger. We also offer high-quality Metagenics and MediHerb supplements to meet your specific nutritional needs. Contact us to learn more!

Do you have a weight-related health problem? What is it?

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