Neck Pain and Natural Relief

Pain Relief for Neck Pain? Consult a Chiropractor

Many people with “sore necks” assume they must undergo surgery or turn to pharmaceutical pain relief for neck pain symptoms. Chiropractic treatment, however, can often resolve the underlying cause of the pain naturally and non-invasively. Here at Parnell Family Chiropractic, we have years of experience in treating neck symptoms, relieving pain and restoring full range of motion for our patients.

If your neck hurts, a displaced internal structure may be pressing or pinching against a nerve. A misalignment of the cervical spine accounts for many such cases. If you suffer whiplash in an auto accident, for instance, the violent forces exerted on your head and neck can cause cervical vertebrae to slip out of position, creating a bulging disc that impinges a nerve. Even ordinary daily stresses can gradually cause such misalignments and disc issues. Chiropractic treatment uses quick, gentle adjustments to correct cervical misalignments. In some cases traction may also be prescribed to draw the discs back into their proper place.

The soft tissues in the neck can also cause pain if they grow tight or suffer damage. Whiplash tears muscles and ligaments in addition to causing misalignments, but even a sedentary desk job can eventually cause neck strain if the head droops forward habitually. We often prescribe massage and/or acupuncture to relieve muscle pain and tightness. Both of these techniques soothe nerves and cause muscles to relax, releasing pent-up toxins that increase discomfort. Exercises to strengthen the neck muscles and promote correct posture can then prevent future episodes of neck strain.

Nashua Neck Pain Treatments

If you seek Nashua neck pain relief, schedule a consultation with our chiropractor, Dr. Parnell. Our family chiropractic care center can find out whether you suffer from a spinal misalignment, soft tissue damage or some other condition, and then prescribe the right combination of therapies, exercises and advice to relieve your pain and help you keep it from coming back.

When did your neck issues start? Did a specific incident cause them?

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