Make Sure to Receive Your Chiropractic Checkup

You do it every year at the same time — your annual checkup. It is a part of your routine and helps to reassure you of your health and wellness. You may even swing by the eye doctor for an exam and the dentist for a teeth cleaning, but what about your musculoskeletal health? Are you making chiropractic check-ups a part of your yearly wellness plan?

Your back, spine, nerves, joints and connective tissues play an integral role in your overall health. In fact, back pain is the number one cause of disability around the world, not to mention a leading cause of missed work and doctor’s visits. Even a dull, minor pain can be indicative of a bigger underlying problem — one that may be detected and treated using chiropractic.

Put Chiropractic on Your Yearly Schedule

At Parnell Family Chiropractic, we recommend visiting the chiropractor for a check-up at least once per year — if not more. Our exams are comprehensive and designed to detect even the smallest subluxations. Your visit will begin with a complete health history, including any recent symptoms or conditions you may have been experiencing. We may request x-rays or other tests for diagnostic purposes.

If you wish, we can adjust your spine and neck during your exam, helping to relieve pressure you may not have realized you were carrying. Many of our patients who stop in for routine check-ups leave feeling better than they have in months. Some even report greater energy levels and fewer tension headaches or migraines.

Our staff believes that health starts with prevention. We look at the ‘big picture’ regarding your body. A properly aligned spine will help stave off back pain the same way good nutrition can prevent bone loss and obesity. We will conduct a nutritional analysis and posture screening to determine if making positive lifestyle changes could prevent pain and health complications in the future.

Do you make chiropractic a part of your annual wellness plan?

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