How Our Nashua Chiropractors Treat Lower Back Pain

When you are experiencing severe lower back pain, getting an assessment and treatment from a chiropractor can help. At Main Street Wellness & Chiropractic, we take lower back pain seriously, implementing a number of procedures to relieve pain and provide solutions for healing. Our team uses a number of techniques, including Spinal Decompression, Impulse IQ, DRX9000 Lumbar Decompression, Massage Therapy and Weight Loss to help achieve these goals.

Our Nashua Chiropractic Care

Although there are instances where back pain is a result of a one-time occurrence, there are other situations where it can be long-lasting and interfere with your daily life. Our techniques are designed to adjust and alleviate the pressure from those affected joints or nerves to make a significant difference in how you feel. By having a number of different techniques available, we are able to customize a treatment plan that is specific to your condition for the best results.

Our techniques are safe and conservative to increase your mobility and activity throughout your treatment. Our goal is to make sure you understand your symptoms, why they occur, and how we will treat them to get you back in top condition. The treatments we use have a number of reactions. They may be combined to relieve pressure, loosen muscles, improve the flow of oxygen, improve range of motion and restore strength. We specialize in getting the body back to a functional condition, with results that may offer better results than before.

Get the Pain Relief You Need at Main Street Wellness & Chiropractic

Your quality of life does not have to be diminished because of back pain. By utilizing the services at Main Street Wellness & Chiropractic, you’re taking the first step toward relief. Our office serves the areas of Nashua, Hollis, Brookline and Pepperell, NH.

Have you taken the time to see a chiropractor for your lower back pain? For more information on how we can assist, give our team a call today at (603) 882-5742!

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