Different Chiropractic Techniques for Pain Treatments

When chronic pain stops you from doing regular activities and causes you discomfort on a regular basis, chiropractic care can help. At Main Street Wellness, we perform a variety of chirorpractic techniques as treatments for pain and stiffness caused by health conditions or injuries.


The Palmer-Gonstead technique involves the use of chairs and tables that are specially made for positioning patients. This helps our chiropractor provide you with effective pain relief through a series of adjustments. The way you are positioned during the Palmer-Gonstead technique depends on the location of your pain and other factors.


The Diversified technique can help ease joint stiffness and pain that restricts your range of motion. With this technique, our chiropractor targets the affected joints and uses low-amplitude, high-velocity adjustments to improve your range of motion.


The BioPhysics technique is a complex one that involves gathering information from anatomy, biology, physics and physiology in order to determine the underlying cause of pain. Once the cause is found, our chiropractor will put together a treatment plan that includes spinal adjustments and spinal remodeling programs.


The Pierce technique can help relieve muscle spasms and back pain. This technique involves checking for spinal disc problems with X-rays and performing spinal adjustments to realign the spine.


The Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) combines spinal and visceral manipulation to target problems with the central nervous system. This can help ease pain caused by headaches, as well as back pain and pain in other parts of your body.

Motion Palpation

This technique allows our chiropractor to diagnose your condition by checking your motion. It can also ease muscle spasms and relieve inflammation.

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