5 Pain Causing Conditions Treated By Impulse IQ

Impulse IQ is an ingenious system chiropractors use to make precise skeletal alignment adjustments. The system utilizes lasers to confirm the proper alignment before activating the instrument thrusts. With each adjustment, your skeletal system moves back into alignment, reducing pain and discomfort from the following five conditions and more. The sky is the limit with this innovative chiropractic treatment system.

Degenerative Disc Disease

The Impulse IQ system realigns your all of your spinal column structures that have been damaged by degenerative disc disease. The controlled force of the system mechanism gently maneuvers these structures into place without causing additional damage.


Migraines are often caused or worsened by compressed nerves and tense muscles in the head, neck and back. The Impulse IQ system precisely spaces out the bony structures to release trapped nerves and quickly relieve pain.


Fibromyalgia pain tends to build as muscle strain and joint stress causes you to alter your posture and activities over a length of time. With Impulse IQ realignments, pain caused by compensated actions disappears, allowing you to recover between episodes.


Pain throughout the temporomandibular joint is exacerbated by nerve entrapment at the jaw and neck. Impulse IQ treatments reduce stress and strain on those structures to release trapped nerves and restore jaw mobility.


Whiplash sustained in a car accident, or from another blunt force impact, makes it nearly impossible for you to move your neck due to the muscle tightness through that area. Impulse IQ treatments can help pull your neck and back into alignment, relieve tense muscles and release pinched nerves.

Resolving Pain With Impulse IQ in Nashua, Hollis, Brookline, and Pepperell, NH

At Main Street Wellness, you can seek Impulse IQ treatments for painful, debilitating health conditions. Your chiropractor in the Nashua, Brookline, Hollis and Pepperell, NH region will use this highly specialized mechanism to perform precise adjustments and eliminate misalignments throughout your skeletal system. The adjustments help reduce pain, stiffness and mobility issues throughout the treatment period and beyond. Call us today at (603) 882-5742 to schedule an appointment!

Are you currently coping with a painful condition that would benefit from chiropractic care?

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